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A Passion, a Heritage, a Privilege.

The essence of boating is the pursuit of passion. As with all matters of the heart, this extraordinary pursuit is uniquely individual and forms the core of the J Craft DNA. Seamlessly blending cutting edge technology with timeless styling, each J Craft empowers the individual to live in the moment and experience pure boating pleasure.

J Craft embodies a love for life and an appreciation of the importance of following one’s passions. Designed for discerning individuals, each J Craft is an extension of a distinctive lifestyle, where substance and style are uncompromised.

J Craft was born from a passion for classic styling and boat building heritage. The first J Craft, the Cabrio Cruiser, was built in Gotland in 1999. Since then, innovation and experimentation have served to define each custom J Craft build.

In 2009, J Craft pushed the boundaries of motor cruiser hull design and introduced the 42-foot Torpedo, equipped with the cutting edge Volvo IPS pod drive system. Now in its 23rd year, J Craft continues to design and hand-craft exquisite bespoke cruisers that further the passion for the ultimate classic boating experience.

J Craft combines classic style and glamour with cutting edge technology, power and contemporary convenience: a finely balanced blend of old and new, where form and function are of equal importance.

Join us for the beautiful journey and experience a little of la Dolce Vita!

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Our Philosophy

The Torpedo is built on the founding principles of passion and grace, marrying beautiful materials, exquisitely engineered details, distinctive design and discreet state-of-the-art technology. Combined with exhilarating performance, the Torpedo elicits an emotional response, whether enjoying relaxation at anchor or scything through waves at close to 50 knots.

This emotion is tangible; it can be seen in the faces of those that experience it. It can be heard in the enthusiasm of those that own it. It is demonstrated in the actions of those that design and build it.

Taking ownership of a Torpedo is to become part of the J Craft family. In a very real sense, every boat is born out of the passions of a small, dedicated group of people who have nursed each boat from its conception to its glorious present. A new owner becomes part of the J Craft story – part of something far greater than the sum of its parts.

It is around these cornerstones that we build the exclusive J Craft brand of retro-style day boats built for those with a passion for excellence.

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J Craft boats are designed to surpass the expectations of their owners, providing state-of-the-art technology with eco-conscious production and singular style. J Craft seamlessly fuses classic style with modern power and convenience.

The result is a boat that can perform in any capacity: chase boat, tender or well-appointed day boat. The J Craft Torpedo is a chic and capable, entirely hand built boat with 8,000+ man hours going into each one. The small team is quality driven and anything less than perfect is never good enough.

At J Craft, it's all about the detail. The touch of the leather, the weight of the switch, the hinge action – simple things, imperceptible to most, but that subliminally add to the pleasure of owning a Torpedo. The cultivated, eco-friendly mahogany deck is lacquered and varnished eighteen times for a peerless finish as well as incredible strength and durability. As well as looking beautiful, it means that the Torpedo can withstand the harshest of the elements while still retaining her film star good looks.

No two J Craft Torpedos are ever the same. The unique and individual nature of the wood veneers alone guarantees this fact. It is also true to say that each boat that leaves the J Craft manufacturing facility in Gotland is a unique expression of an individual, of their desire to stand out, to be seen.

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Viking DNA: Beauty(ful) Ability

The J Craft Torpedo is a boat of two characters. It is luxurious and jewel like, at home on lakes, the inshore waters of the Hamptons' or the ‘must be seen at’ jetties along the Riviera. However, its Swedish roots endow the Torpedo with tremendous sea-going ability. This is a powerful boat that has been designed and built to master the high seas and rough conditions of Europe’s northernmost waters.

The Torpedo is regularly taken across the Mediterranean in conditions that other luxury tenders or day boats could not contemplate. Torpedo's have crossed the South China Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean on a regular basis. Few luxury brands can realistically lay claim to such substance behind their name. For J Craft though, function is of equal importance to form.

The J Craft Torpedo is one of the most able boats on the market, aided in no small part by the its Volvo Penta IPS drives. Designed in conjunction with the Torpedo, the pod-mounted, forward facing propellers make maneuvering easy, safe and comfortable. But no matter it's raw ability, power and performance, a trip on the Torpedo is always calm, elegant and blissful.

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Are YOU ready to join

la Dolce Vita

Ordering a J Craft is more akin to commissioning a piece of art than a boat and the J Craft design team will be happy to guide you on this journey. From a myriad of optional extras, owners are invited to go that extra mile in order to create something truly unique to them. The result is a motor launch that is both chic and capable; equally at home navigating choppy waters or moored on the world's most glamorous jetties.

The J Craft's classic styling and turn of pace are guaranteed to turn heads wherever she goes.