Our Heritage

Sweden boasts a rich seafaring heritage spanning 1,000 years, from Viking long boats to the modern day J Craft. This rich history has seen mighty navies, merchant armadas and a revolution in naval architecture with the publication of Architectura Navalis Mercatoria in 1768 by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1721-1808) who was a naval architect and a vice-admiral in the Swedish navy.

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Our Identity

Truly Swedish

Sweden is recognised the world over as a centre for leading-edge design – often highly innovative with a unique take on everyday objects. As well as stylish design, Sweden boasts a reputation for cutting edge technology; quality, and durability, and the many internationally recognised Swedish brands are testament to this.

J Craft exists amongst these brands, a major force in Sweden’s modern economy and, naturally, partner to many other major Swedish companies such as Volvo Penta. Volvo Penta developed the state of the art IPS drive system in conjunction with J Craft, both brands working together to refine the system and turn it into the revolutionary technology that it is today

Our Home

The island of Gotland

For centuries, Gotland’s harsh climate and unique geography has driven local craftsmen to construct robust, manoeuvrable boats that can withstand the punishing elements of the far north. The island of Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea has for generations been the home and the heart of Swedish boat building. It is here, on Gotland, that J Craft continues to build boats in this same tradition.