Head-turning retro styling evokes the feeling of being one with the sea, and each J Craft yacht serves as an exquisite accessory to her environs. Handcrafted of a fiberglass hull with mahogany veneers, each curve is hand-molded, each strip hand-finished for durability and finish.


A Bespoke


The Torpedo is an infinitely tailorable vessel, from powertrains to onboard technology and down to the smallest detail.

Past customers have specified unique colours and materials. Some have, in conjunction with our team, designed their own luggage sets, individual clothing, deck plans, matching materials and leathers to their cars and designed tailored picnic baskets.

The Torpedo is also available in the R and RS Pack guise, featuring the bigger engines – twin IPS600s/IPS650s – as well as a leather Nardi steering wheel, leather accent to the dashboard and a rose polished stainless steel instrument panel.

The only real limit is that of the customer's imagination.

The Rolls Royce of Boats

The Torpedo differentiates itself through J Craft’s royal connection, the absolute volume of production, as well as through J Craft’s very exclusive client profile.

The Torpedo sets itself further apart through its impeccable build quality as it is hand-built from the bottom up, with over 8,000 Swedish (wo)man-hours going into each Torpedo.

We only utilize the finest component parts and latest technology with well over 95% of the Torpedo value-added "Made in Sweden". This is a significant differentiation between J Craft and most other brands in its segment who mostly only assemble their boats, with components actually "made" in other countries. This fact is important to us as we are proud of the fact that each client can trace each component of their Torpedo to one of our Swedish masterbuilder who built it.

J Craft is often referred to as the Rolls Royce of the Sea, as like its land based counterpart the J Craft Torpedo is truly built for the FEW, but appreciated by the MANY.

Through J Craft's historic relationship with Rolls Royce Motor Cars, clients who wish to have their J Craft Torpedo match their Rolls-Royce motor car are able to do so, as the two brands have partnered on a unique collaboration to create a bespoke pairing of a Torpedo RS and a Phantom Drophead Coupe with the pair perfectly matched, down to the finest detail.

Flawlessly colour-matched paintwork, interior fabrics and detailing will call the duo out as a pair. Other features include a satin finish metal of the bonnet, the innovative Z-box humidor, and the incredible 21st century picnic box that can be transported from car to boat and provide for glamorous outdoor feasting for four people.




As with so much in life, enjoyment is often found in the little details and J Craft is no exception. From the sumptuous leathers and handcrafted cabinetry, to the genuine Nardi steering wheel and gorgeous fabrics, joy is derived from the tactility of the vessel and the understanding that, to J Craft, the little things count.

J Craft works closely with each client to ensure that every J Craft is tailored to their exact requirements. The Torpedo is an infinitely tailorable vessel — from powertrains to on board technology, to the smallest customised detail.

From unique colours and materials, bespoke luggage and 2,000-watt music systems to designs requiring significant structural modifications, with a J Craft, the only limit is that of the client’s imagination.

A rich choice of


The J Craft Torpedo is available in 13 hull colours and 10 interior colours, each of which gives the Torpedo a different character. These can be enhanced with options such as two-tone colour schemes, seat piping, and diamond stitching. The J Craft design team is also happy to discuss bespoke options, which in the past have included the use of fabrics from both Loro Piana and Ralph Lauren. The standard hull colour is white (gel coat finish).

However, there are a number of optional colours and the hull can also be given the Bespoke treatment. For those that prefer the all-wood look, the topsides can be specified in lacquered mahogany.