The promise of quality

Swedish boat building heritage dictates solid construction and a meticulous approach to craftsmanship and J Craft carries these fine traditions into the 21st century. Hand-built by Swedish craftsmen in J Craft’s Gotland manufacturing facility, each boat is built with unrivaled care and attention, slowly coming together over the course of almost 1 year. It is often a painstaking process, not possible without the passion, skill, and dedication of those involved in the build.


Cutting-edge technology

Hand built

Equally as important as the individual skill of the craftsman is the quality of the materials and the technology used in every J Craft. Fine leathers, polished metals, and exquisite fabrics from the world’s best designers are used to create wonderfully tactile environments. Perhaps the best example of this dedication to using only the best is the sustainably sourced mahogany deck. It is sanded by hand and then lacquered 18 times for the perfect combination of durability and finish.

8000+ (wo)man hours

Every one of our Torpedo yachts is built by our team of Swedish masterbuilders at our home in Visby, on the island of Gotland, Sweden. Each Torpedo takes over 8,000+ (wo)man hours to build.

We build our Torpedos from the bottom up with well over 95% of the value added of a Torpedo created in Sweden.

When we say Made in Sweden we mean “made” and not just “assembled”, a very significant differentiator between us and almost everyone else in our segment who make the component parts and modules elsewhere and only assemble these modules at their home base. This way we ensure complete quality control and you can trace every part of the Torpedo to the individual J Craft masterbuilder who built it!

Please take a look at our short timelapse video which in the time of less than one minute shows the 8,500 (wo)man hours of build time spent on the creation of our Torpedo Acheron – showing every detail, starting with the creation of the Hull with every step of the way down to her arrival in St Tropez. Enjoy!