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J-Craft Boats AB
c/o Scandinavian Trust
Birger Jarlsgatan 12
SE-114 34 Stockholm

J Craft Boats AB
c/o Nordic Boat Service AB
Lundbygatan 3
621 41 Visby, Gotland

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St. Tropez


Caring for a fine luxury craft should be as easy as driving it, especially in the case of J Craft. Regardless of where you and your Torpedo will travel in the world, J Craft is ready and able to help and meet your needs. In addition to working very closely with the vast global service network of Volvo Penta, and for our France based Torpedos, J Craft has partnered with Sportmer in St Tropez (and its sister company ANG in Cogolin). Through our set-up with Sportmer J Craft is able to provide an all inclusive set of services which range from the typical maintenance/repair/winterisation services to crewing and to concierge type services for J Craft vessels and their owners and guests. J Craft owners in the south of France can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with their requirements being met throughout the year at any of its network of locations, as well as special dockage and berthing benefits across most locations in the south of France. Based in Saint-Tropez, SPORTMER, specialises in 10 to 30 m sport yachts and combines recognised professional competence, innovation, and strong dynamism.

211 Route des Salins
83990 Saint Tropez
E: contact@sportmer.com
T: +33 4 94 97 32 33