Our Heritage

Sweden boasts a rich seafaring heritage spanning 1,000 years, from Viking long boats to the modern day J Craft. This rich history has seen mighty navies, merchant armadas and a revolution in naval architecture with the publication of Architectura Navalis Mercatoria in 1768 by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1721-1808) who was a naval architect and a vice-admiral in the Swedish navy.

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Not only beautiful


As exclusive as she is beautiful, the J Craft yacht is among the most rare vessels to be encountered on the water. Only 26 J Crafts are in existence today, each takes one year - up to 8,000 (wo)man hours to build - and each carefully handcrafted for an owner who appreciates art, craftsmanship and the one-of-a-kind.


Barefoot luxury, laid-back chic. The J Craft lifestyle is one of relaxation and enjoyment. A simple approach to life's finer things. J Craft yachts are spotted at the most glamorous locales around the world. The Torpedo's singular style does not follow trends and fads; she charts her own course, enticing onlookers along the way.

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As with so much in life, enjoyment is often found in the little details and J Craft is no exception. From the sumptuous leathers and handcrafted cabinetry, to the genuine Nardi steering wheel and gorgeous fabrics, joy is derived from the tactility of the vessel and the understanding that, to J Craft, the little things count.

J Craft works closely with each client to ensure that every J Craft is tailored to their exact requirements. The Torpedo is an infinitely tailorable vessel — from powertrains to on board technology, to the smallest customised detail.

From unique colours and materials, bespoke luggage and 2,000-watt music systems to designs requiring significant structural modifications, with a J Craft, the only limit is that of the client’s imagination.

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